Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Emma Pollock

The reason we went to Glasgow last Saturday was the celtic connection festival. We went to see Emma Pollock. It is not celtic at all, it is more pop, easy listening but nice kind of music which sounds like the Cardigans. The concert was great, the only downside was that people were not very respectful for the artists and they chatted during all the performance (it was even worse for the first part). I wonder why they came to the concert ! Anyway, I took a few little videos so you can have a taste. Otherwise, you can listen to all her songs on her space.

Sunday, 27 January 2008


Yesterday we spent the day in Glasgow.
We had a quick look at the museum of transport. We've been 6 years ago, it is a relly nice museum, and we spent half a day there. This time we've just been to see our favourite bit.

Then, we crossed the road to Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. It has been recently refurbished. We've been 6 years ago as well. It is really worth a visit.

Diane, this picture is for you, this cushion looks familiar....;0)

They now have a room dedicated to Charles Rennie Mackintosh (I love his work and Art Nouveau in general). It is a bit narrow so it was difficult to take pictures.

Finally, we went to the Hunterian museum and Art gallery. It was founded 200 years ago by Dr William Hunter, physician, scientific researcher and collector.

We didn't spend a lot of time there (it is a shame, it is really worth a visit. we will come back!) as what I really wanted to see was the Mackintosh house. I couldn't take pictures but there is a virtual tour on the website.

Monday, 21 January 2008

Maeva's jumper

Just a wee update on Maeva's jumper. The front is done. I've started the back and I will do all the flowers as well (I know, I changed my mind but it would be a shame not too).
I've got a lot of tidy up on the wrong side and all the embroideries... Several weeks of work still. But it will be worth it at the end and I am sure Maeva will look beautiful in it.

Sunday, 20 January 2008


On Wednesday we went to London to see the latest show of "le cirque du soleil": Varekai, at the Royal Albert Hall. It was really good, we enjoyed it.

As we arrived early, we had some time to wander around. The weather was really nice so we walked in Hyde Park, then we went quickly (30 minutes) to the Victoria and Albert museum and even more quickly ( 10 minutes before closing) to the science museum. Both museum are really worth a visit but we had other commitments... Next time I'll put them on the priority list, for sure!
At the science museum, you can see the model of the Forth rail bridge !

The next day, while Stephane was sitting his translation exam, I went to the Tate Modern. Initially, I wanted to go to Eltham palace, unfortunately it is close at that time of the year.

I liked these very colorfull african paintings (sorry, I forgot the name of the artist).

Then I went back to Picadilly circus and later Covent garden (with a stop at the chinese quarter to eat some dim sun). I went to All the fun of the fair and as the sale were on I got some really nice and cheap wool (2 balls of baroque yarn, £1 each, and 2 balls of hand dyed araucania yarn, £2 each !). I don't know what I am going to knit with them, so far they just look nice in my stash.

Sunday, 13 January 2008


Yesterday, the knitting group in Newburgh was very quiet. Only, Diane, Andrea, Allyson, Cony and I. The wheather was gorgeous so Louise and Jane went skiing.

A lot of yarn was on sale and I couldn't resist ... My wool stash is growing bigger, the flat isn't, unfortunately, and this will become an issue....

Plans are to knit a sleeveless jacket (for myself) with the cream yarn, a hat with the brown and purple cashmerino for my friend in Vietnam (they are coming back to Belgium this autumn so they will need warm clothing), ask my great aunt to knit me another pair of socks with the lana grossa wool, and whatever with the colinette (it was half price and too nice to let somebody else get it !!!). I also gt 2 pairs of rosewood knitting needles.

Today, I didn't touch a knitting needle yet and it is 20h00, can you believe it ?
I've made card instead.
On Wednesday, I am going to London, to see "le cirque du soleil" at the Royal Albert Hall and on Thursday I will wander around (weather permitted) while Stephane will be sitting his translation exam.

Friday, 11 January 2008


The end of the holiday was a bit hectic and back at work was exhauting. I am back into the routine now....
I've started to knit a jumper for my friend's daughter, Maeva. She choose the pattern from the Lucinda Guy book, design for kids: hand knits and things. It turns out to be a nightmare. I've got 15 bobins/balls at the moment (more than on the picture) and it is taking me 15-20 min to knit a row. the pattern is on 90 stitches over 70 rows... It is suppose to be the same at the back but I will do only one flower at the back I think, otherwise, I will go crazy and I will still be knitting it next year !

I am still knitting Olivia's blanket. The square in the middle is missing and then, I will have to sew it. Also I am knitting something for Allyson's baby.

Tomorrow is our monthly kniting group in Newburgh.

Wednesday, 2 January 2008


On Sunday it was my mum's birthday. I've made her a nice low fat and zero calorie cake (Thank you Diane for the pattern) ! She loved it and a lot of people suggested they would really appreciate to have the same for their birthday... I already have a lot of knitting projets on my plate for 2008, I will have to draw a Gant charts to be able to keep on target ! Luckily Santa brang me a nice pair of gloves so I won't have to knit one (it was on my list).

The new year's party was great. Each of us had to prepare a dish. I've made a "paté de pâques" (easter pate). I like this kind of anachronism. It is dead easy to make. This time I've added twice the amount of spinach. The recipe, in french, is here.
My mum is a really good knitter, and she is knitting for her future grand-daughter, Olivia.
She has just finished this little bolero,

and she have to saw this jacket and crochet the twenty something flowers for the hat. Bergère de france has great patterns for babies and toddlers.

Holidays are almost finished....We've been really lucky with the weather. I will miss the sunshine, the cold, the snow on the mountains, the food..... Anyway, we are flying back on Friday. We should be home on Saturday as we are stopping in Edinburgh for a night to see friends.