Monday, 20 December 2010

Aeolian shawl

I've done a lot of knitting last week, and I finally managed to finish a beaded shawl I started in March. It is a shame, we can't see the beads (about 2500) on the picture but to give you an idea of the size, it is pinned on a king size fitted sheet. I probably should have done the shoulderette size, it would have taken much less time and would have been easier to wear...
The free pattern is here.
I used about 150g of lace weight baby alpaca. It is very soft.

I've also finished the socks I was showing you in the previous post. The pattern is called circle socks and is free on Ravelry.

I've started another pair of socks. The pattern is called hearts and flowers socks from Wendy Johnson book "socks from the toe up".

Now, I should pack my bag and I am away again till next year....

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Saturday, 20 November 2010


Last month I decided to treat myself with a must have knitting accessory: a Knitzi!
It is a sock-in-progress holder. It comes in various sizes so I've chosen the one that fits perfectly my beloved KnitPicks dpn :o)

I also had to start knitting some socks before showing off!
I've done the foot plain, turned the heel and I now have to decide on a pattern for the leg.
The yarn, hand died 100% pure Blue Faced Leicester from Laal Bear, is a pleasure to work with.

The Knitzi is both beautiful and extremely practical so some of my fellow knitters at the knitting group have asked Santa to bring them one ;oD

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Mirror mirror

With the first Christmas market only a few days away, I've started wrapping all the little things I made and finishing the bigger projects.
The gloves were done a while ago and I used the left over yarn to make some crochet flower brooches.

I also finished the mirrors this afternoon. They are about 35 x 22 cm.

I might do a few more stained glass suncatchers before the event.
Now I have to think of pricing these items...

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Some craft

I am sorry I don't update this blog very often but this year is far too hectic!

However, I've decided to take some time to do 2 Christmas markets with my friends. They are very early, 3rd and 6th of November, so I do not have much time to prepare a few things!
I've only got a couple of weekend free before the events so I've started preparing some stock. I am making stained glass mainly which is time consuming!
This morning, I've wrapped some suncatchers and Christmas decorations:

I've made some progress on one of the mirror:

and I have to come up with a design for this one (I've got the color scheme!):

I have one more mirror (I don't have the color scheme for this one yet) and I will make a few more stained glass Christmas decorations. I also have knitted gloves that I made during the summer and I am making a few matching brooches.

Now, I have to prepare my suitcase, I am away again next week!

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Some knitting

I haven't done much knitting lately (or much posting either), life is too busy!
Anyway, I am making some gloves to sell at Twist.

I also have a lace WIP: I started it in March and it will probably take me another year to complete it because I am knitting no more than 2 rows every week. It is a free pattern from knitty: Aeolian shawl. I am using Misti Alpaca lace yarn and 2250 beads.

I am also working on some stained glass projects for the Christmas market but that will be for another post.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Holidays in France

At the beginning of July I spent 10 days in France. We first went south to Montpellier. We had to cross the beautiful Viaduc de Millau, the tallest bridge in the world!

Then, we came back to Clermont-Ferrand through the beautiful Tarn valley and canyon.

The weather was very hot at the time, it was 38 C in Clermont-Ferrand so we escaped the city to go to the surrounding mountains, "la chaine des puys". These mountains are extinct volcanoes, the highest one being the "puy de dome".

We walked up to the top where you have a beautiful view on the rest of the "chaine des puys".

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Nanner Socks

As promised, this is my latest pair of socks:

This is a pattern from Wendy Johnson called Nanner socks (free pattern, and more, here). I didn't follow the pattern for the heel. I've knitted a wee bit too much for the feet and I was too lazy to rip it off so I didn't do a gusset and did a simple short row heel instead.

Monday, 12 July 2010


I do not count the number of days, or weeks I should say, since my last post. My excuses: lack of time and laziness! I should add holidays as well. I am just back from 10 days in France...
Anyway, this is not today's topic. I wanted to show you two wonderful books I bought in the US:

Some of the patterns:


Some of the patterns:

I have not tried any pattern yet and I am not sure which one to go for!
I have a pair I want to finish first! I should be able to show it to you next week...

Monday, 21 June 2010

San Francisco

We spent 3 days in San Francisco. It was far too short! I wish we had stayed at least a week.
Anyway, it is a good excuse to go back :o)

Sunday, 13 June 2010


Bodie is an authentic wild west ghost town situated in California, in the middle of nowhere.
The town was built after gold was discovered on the site in 1859.
Nowadays, only a small part of the town survive. It has been a State Historic Park since 1962.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Mono Lake

Mono Lake is an alkaline (pH 10) and hypersaline lake in California (2.5 times saltier than the ocean). The lake is famous for its tufa tower rock formations. No fish can live in the lake but it is home of the Mono Lake brine shrimp that are found nowhere else on earth. They are staple food for the birds in the area. Mono Lake is a vital habitat for millions of migratory and nesting birds.

Thursday, 10 June 2010


Yosemite National Park is one of the first national park in the US and is well known for its waterfalls. I must admit that we were very disappointed. To us it looks more like a giant picnic area. We were stuck in traffic jam, thousands of cars, everywhere. Going on a Saturday doesn't help I guess.
At that time of the year, waterfalls were amazing. Here are a few pictures, not very good I'm afraid...

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Bryce Canyon

Bryce canyon National Park is situated in Utah in the Colorado plateau. It is only a couple of hours drive from Zion National Park. This is a unique and stunning site well known for its colorful hoodoos.
I must say that the wild life has been extremely cooperative :o)
I let you enjoy the pictures (don't forget to click on them to see them full screen):