Sunday, 31 October 2010

Mirror mirror

With the first Christmas market only a few days away, I've started wrapping all the little things I made and finishing the bigger projects.
The gloves were done a while ago and I used the left over yarn to make some crochet flower brooches.

I also finished the mirrors this afternoon. They are about 35 x 22 cm.

I might do a few more stained glass suncatchers before the event.
Now I have to think of pricing these items...

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Some craft

I am sorry I don't update this blog very often but this year is far too hectic!

However, I've decided to take some time to do 2 Christmas markets with my friends. They are very early, 3rd and 6th of November, so I do not have much time to prepare a few things!
I've only got a couple of weekend free before the events so I've started preparing some stock. I am making stained glass mainly which is time consuming!
This morning, I've wrapped some suncatchers and Christmas decorations:

I've made some progress on one of the mirror:

and I have to come up with a design for this one (I've got the color scheme!):

I have one more mirror (I don't have the color scheme for this one yet) and I will make a few more stained glass Christmas decorations. I also have knitted gloves that I made during the summer and I am making a few matching brooches.

Now, I have to prepare my suitcase, I am away again next week!