Saturday, 31 October 2009

Final countdown

More than 3 weeks without a post! where was I? Well, not very far, just very busy with the craft fayre preparation. Only 4 days left before the first one! and still plenty to do...
This is where I am up to:
I've knitted 15 pairs of gloves: 14 with Rowan felted tweed (50% merino, 25% alpaca, 25% nylon) and one with 100% merino. I've made nice labels and attached them to the pairs with matching left-over yarn.

I sewed 25 cotton gift bags:

I hand cut 140 fabric circles to dress the jam jars:

I've made around 100 cards:

The lavender bags still need to be stuffed...

That's it for now. In the next post, I'll let you know how it went...

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Touring Scotland

Last weekend I hired a car to show some part of Scotland to an Italian friend.

We've been very lucky as the weather was gorgeous (although very windy).

On Saturday we went to Pitlochry. Just outside the village you can visit Scotland's smallest distillery, Edradour. It produces in a year what bigger distilleries would produce in a week! It is a lovely place, the tour is free and you can sample a dram of whisky :o)

After visiting a few more distilleries (Blair Athol in Pitlochry and Dewar's world of whisky in Aberfeldy), we went for a walk in the woodlands at the hermitage.

Then, we ended up in Dunkeld. A charming village with a ruined cathedral and loads of lovely cafes.

On Sunday, we went North along the East coast. Our first stop was Dunnottar castle, an amazing ruined fortress built on a cliff.

We had a quick wander in Stonehaven harbour...

... before heading to Crathes castle.

We came back through central Scotland (glenshee) and we saw the first snow on top of the mountains.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Stained glass

My blog is being neglected at the moment because I am working on my stock for the craft fayres in November. I have nearly completed my 12th pair of gloves (2 fingers to knit), only 3 more to go :o)
Today I am going to show you where I am up to with my stained glass projects. The Rennie Mackintosh style lamp made it home safely and I found a little bit of space next to the sofa to display it:

The Rennie Mackintosh mirror just need some lead around it to be complete. The teacher doesn't have the right thickness of lead so I will have to wait a bit before finishing it. I am going to a stained glass supply shop at the end of November so I am hoping they will have what I am looking for there.

A wee while ago I bought this lantern:

The glass panels are removable and I designed new ones with hexagon to match the top of the lantern.

I've done one panel and this is how it looks like for now:

The teacher is on holiday for a couple of weeks so I am having a break. It gives me a bit of time to think of my next projects...