Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Season's greetings

We are all (GruikGruik, Leon, Stephane and I) off on holiday tomorrow for 2,5 weeks. We are going to Paris first and then, somewhere warm (hopefully)...
Some of my friend were wondering how Leon was coping. Well, he is still afraid to fly but we found a great technique (remember these guys?) to be able to take him with us ;o)

Have a great break. Enjoy the festive season!!! see you next year!

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Barnacle bill

Over a year ago I started this blog showing you my latest knitting project at the time: a pirate from Alan Dart. I had knitted almost all the pieces and just needed to assemble the all lot. Unfortunately for the pirate, I went on holiday for 5 weeks and when I came back I didn't feel like finishing it.
It is only a couple of weeks ago that I suddenly decided to finish it and here it is:

I don't think I will make another one ever. The knitting part was very easy and quick but the sewing was just endless. I am quite pleased with the result though :o)

I now have to start another knitting project because something horrible happened to me!!!
I can't finish my jacket!
I only have the sleeves left to knit but I realised on Friday that I didn't have any 5mm dpn! I went to the knitting shops in Dundee on Saturday morning and they didn't have any! This is absolutely terrible and frustrating!!!
I have the buttons (bought in Paris last month)...

This pattern is called February lady sweater (free pattern) and is knitted top down.
I bought the yarn, 100% alpaca, earlier this year here. I am knitting with 2 strands of two different colors. I did that initially because I thought I wouldn't have enough yarn of one color (I have 8x100g of each color) but is is plenty (to do the body I used just under 2 balls of each and the sleeves length will be 3/4 only).

I sent an email to my knitting friends, so I am hoping one of them will be able to help!
Otherwise I will have to wait till Saturday when I will be going to Twist Fiber Craft.....

Monday, 1 December 2008


This weekend I finished another lace scarf from Victorian Lace Today:

And, I've knitted a christmas decoration: a robin!

I am now trying to finish up the pirate I started more than a year ago. It was my first post on this blog, then, I went to Vietnam for 5 weeks and when I came back, never found my inspiration again until now... I hope that this time I'll finish it before being bored of it again!