Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Twisted Mockery

I love knitting socks and I can never resist nice patterns or yarn. I bought some wonderful sock yarn at woolfest this year and I was looking for patterns. I decided on this one: Twisted Mockery, free on Ravelry here. Yarn Cherish (80% merine, 10% cashmere, 10% nylon) from

I've also knitted the sheep carousel from Kate Davies (see previous post). Great pattern, easy to follow, and I've learnt loads of new techniques! I've made two of them and I have enough yarn to make a third one!


startare said...

Trop chou, la tea-cosy.

CamounJazz said...

Ah je suis fan de tes cache-théières... des carrousels de moutons adorables !!!

ely said...

elles sont phénoménales ces chau7 !!! je v bientôt débuter ma première paire!!! on va rire je le sens!
j'adore ces moutons; on les voit fleurir sur la blogo c'est un joli que j'aime bcp!