Saturday, 11 February 2012

Mother hen

One of my colleague is expected his first child (a boy) at the beginning of May. He and his wife have chickens, so as a gift, I thought a knitted one would be a good idea.
On FB, I've posted the building up steps of the hen, and my friends loved it so I thought I should post it here as well:

Finally, this is how it looks like:

I can't wait to see their faces when I'll give it to them!
Have a nice weekend...


MINI MUM said...

Trop trop belle cette poule !!!
Tu as fait cela de main de maître !!
BRAVO !!!!!
Mille bisous

Lino said...

Oh la la over cute ! J'adore tous les petits détails

ely said...

oh manoute! j'adore ta cocotte!!!!
c'est quoi ce zoli livre???
bon dimanche!!bisous

stephacine said...

Excellent, elle est superbe cette petite poulette!

tsitsa said...

Elle est terrible ^^